On request on our products, through collaboration with an external laboratory, certified and qualified, we are able to perform various tests to verify that the mechanical and chemical requirements, requested by the customer are satisfied

Mechanical tests: these are tests carried out on the finished product or semi-finished product which are used to verify certain properties. The most applied tests are: tensile strength, hardness, fatigue strength and resilience.

X-ray checks: these are tests carried out using X-rays. They verify the integrity of the Soldering.

Heat treatments: Heat treatments are a succession of operations by which a person
alloy or metal are subjected below the melting point to one or more thermal cycles,
with the intent to impart certain properties to them. There are various types of heat treatments, but the the main ones for austenitic steels are four: solubilization, sensitization, relaxation, stabilization.
BMS mainly applies solubilization and stress-relieving treatments to its parts.

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