Inox fittings

BMS is a Vicenza-based company situated in Calvene, specialized in the production of stainless steel fittings.
The company boasts a clientele of absolute importance, thanks to the quality and professionalism put in place for the construction of products, starting from the choice of raw material.
BMS is able to build collars up to Ø 1219 thickness 10 mm, caps up to Ø 273, reductions Concentric and eccentric, branch welded TEE up to a thickness of 12 mm
In addition, 90° and 45°, R=1.5 welded elbows are built from Ø 219 to Ø 609, 10 mm thick, and custom-made parts for such as crosses or virole.
On request, we can perform 100% RX products and heat treatments.

BMS raccordi inox
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Branch Welded Tee and Reduced Tees

They are made from calendered and welded sheet metal

Welded Reductions

Reductions can be

Welded Elbow

They are obtained from sheet metal, through the welding of two stamped shells

Pressed Collars

This type of product is obtained from sheet metal by means of deep cold forging

Welded Collars

They are made from calendered and welded sheet metal


This product is obtained from sheet metal, by means of cold forging